As a student at Washington University, we upperclassmen in the Art Major were sent offsite to another building owned by the school in the Loop/UCity area. To get there, one either had to wander through Greenway Path, notorious for its dangerousness (various crimes), or take the Lewis Center Shuttle Bus.

Shuttle Bus drivers are an interesting subset of transportation workers. Average joes mostly, laid back and able to move these larger vehicles safely through rush hour traffic in short distances and on time.

With one exception.


We didn't know his name, but he was instantly recognizable. He was a bald, stout gentleman with an odd scar on his head. Amongst art students, speculation raged about the cause of the scar. This speculation was only exacerbated by his oddish behavior; at times churlish for no reason, and changing from one extreme to the next.

As students sometimes are cruel, we named him "Lobotomy Man," though it made no reference to his actual behavior. Perhaps we art students were not any less superficial than most college kids. Sometimes he would leave an art student, carrying a drawing board, artbox, and backpack standing as he shut the door, exclaiming, "Sorry, you're too late!"

I think he enjoyed that. Maybe he did know about his name.

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  1. eben says:

    i forgot about that guy.

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